S E T . L I S T . 5.5.02
Guest Dj: Lon-zilla, from Noise Pollution

The Samples- Dead Hero
The Crack- My World
Demob- No Room For You
Last Rites- Stepdown
Nipple Erecrtors- Nervous Wreck
Dead Kennedys- Let's Lynch The Landlord
The Exploited- Army Life
Anti-Nowhere League- Let's Break The Law
Menace- Screwed Up
Sex Pistols- Did You No Wrong
Radio Stars- Horrible Breath
Cash Pussies- 99% Is Shit
Ronnie Biggs- No One Is Innocent
Drongos For Europe- Death's A Career
The Defects- Brutality
Oxymoron- Mohican Tunes
Eater- Outside View
Stiff Little Fingers- At The Edge
The Dark- John Wayne
Cocksparrer- Riot Squad
Tenpole Tudor- Swords Of A Thousan Men
Heartbreakers- One Track Mind
La Peste- Better Off Dead
Cockney Rejects- Bad Man
Sham 69 - Borstal Breakout
The Wall- Ghetto
The Boys- First Time
Maniacs - Chelsea 77
999- Nasty Nasty
The Clash- Janie Jones
X-Ray Spex- I Live Off You
Fast Cars- The Kids Just Wanna Dance
The Straps- New Age
Raped- Moving Target
Gen X- Dancing With Myself
Twsted Sister- We're Not Gonna Take It
Antiseen- Funk U
Sex Pistols- God Save The Queen
Fatty Jones- Friggin In The Riggin