T Rex. Children Of The Revolution.
New York Dolls. Vietnamese Baby.
Add N To (X). Poker Roll.
Herb Alpert. Girl From Ipanema.
Feminine Insaziabile. I Want It All.
Suede. Crackhead.
Blondie. Accidents Never Happen.
Blur. Top Man.
The Cramps. What's Inside A Girl?
5,6,7,8's. I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield.
Dead Kennedy's. California Uber Alles.
Cock Sparrer. Running Riot.
Infa Riot. 5 Minute Fashion.
Sham 69. Tell Us The Truth.
David Bowie. Lady Stardust.
Marc Almond. Shining Sinners.
Pulp. This Is Hardcore.
Kiss. Strutter.
Diamanda Galas. Skotoseme.
Virgin Prunes. Caucasian Walk.
X-Mal Deutschland. Qual.
Lupine Howl. Vaporizer.
Shriekback. Lined Up.
Add N To (X). White Scrapie.
Monkees. Mary Mary.
Zombies. Time Of The Season.
Nancy Sinatra. How Does That Grab You Darling?
Pulp. Common People.
Herb Alpert. Whipped Cream.
Thee Headcoatees. Cara Linn.
Free Kitten. Oh Bondage Up Yours.
Virgin Prunes. Faculties Of A Broken Heart.
Laibach. Jesus Christ Superstar.
Portishead. All Mine.
Bjork. Enjoy.
Add N To (X). Poker Roll (Bugger All Mix).
Add N To (X). Metal Fingers In My Body.
T Rex. 20th Century Boy.
Ennio Morricone. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.
Creatures. Exterminating Angel.
Thrill Kill. Sex On Wheels.
Kraftwerk. Showroom Dummies (Leather Strip Mix).
Kiss. Rock And Roll All Night.
X. Hungry Wolf.
Gang Of Four. I Love A Man In A Uniform.
David Bowie. Fashion.
Rolling Stones. When The Whip Comes Down.
Stiff Little Fingers. Gotta Getaway.
X-Ray Spex. The Day The Worl Turned Dayglo.
Add N To (X). Plug Me In.
Ram Jam. Black Betty.