Blur. Top Man.
Hugo Montenegro. Tony's Theme.
Ventures. Vibrations.
Sandy Nelson. Buckaroo Boogaloo.
Nancy Sinatra. Sugar Town.
Leslie Gore. You Don't Own Me.
Pretenders. Kid.
Gas Money. (? - Unlabeled Demo).
Mc5. Tutti Frutti.
The Hives. Declaire Guerre Nucleaire.
Sonic Youth. Master=dik.
Die Haut. How Long Have We Known Each Other Now>
Joy Division. Colony.
Coil. Restless Day.
Sex Pistols. Submission.
T Rex. 20th Century Boy.
David Bowie. Diamond Dogs.
X. The Unheard Music.
John Cale. Gun.
New York Dolls. Vietnamese Baby.
Murder City Devils. Press Gang.
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant. West Cabaret Drive.
Nancy Sinatra. You Only Live Twice.
Nick Cave. Red Right Hand.
Blondie. Accidents Never Happen.
The Donnas. Rock & Roll Machine.
Ramones. Rock & Roll Radio.
Pretenders. Day After Day.
Suede. Killer.
Vibrators. Baby Baby.
Glynn Styler. Won't Stop Loving You.
The Cramps. Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon.
Betty Whitetrash. Lead Me On.
Pretenders. Middle Of The Road.
Damned. Neat Neat Neat.
David Bowie. Hang On To Yourself.
Stereo Total. Heaven's In The Backseat Of My Cadillac.
The Cramps. All Women Are Bad.
Revolting Cocks. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?
Depeche Mode. Enjoy The Silence.
Add N To (X). Plug Me In.
Sweet. Ballroom Blitz.
Damned. Jet Boy Jet Girl.
Free Kitten. Oh Bondage Up Yours.