Fast Cheap is held Sunday nights at FLUID nightclub, 613 S. 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA ...just above the Latest Dish restaurant. Repeat...

Fluid is between South and Bainbridge Streets on 4th. Infinite Body Piercing is on the right and the Latest Dish is on the left... walk up the small set of stairs on the side of the Latest Dish to enter into Fluid..... you got that?

10pm - 2am, folks. No exceptions.

Alcoholics must arrive between 10-11 to take adantage of $1 PBR cans in order to keep the shakes away. Very important!

Driving: (heh heh.. uh.. maybe you should see 'public transportation')
Check out the map here if you need some help....

Septa Routes
The 57 Bus Route runs straight down 4th Street past Fluid nightclub. Keep in mind however, the bus stops running by 1am... so if you don't hook up you gotta head out early! More info can be found on


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