PSYDDE [creator & host]

In the words of Philadelphia Style magazine, "...Psydde Delicious is a mess." The designer, promoter, party mongor, and all around dirty boy is the creator and host of the now infamous Fast Cheap and Out of Control party. Delicious, when not encouraging amateurs to take it off for the "Cheap Slut Go-Go Contest", can often be found lacing people into beuatiful but binding corset creations as part of his job description in Delicious Corsets, with partner Amy Schmitz. Psydde feels it is his responsibility and goal to destroy the inhibitions of uptight, repressed, and narrow-minded individuals everywhere!!

Your host:
Psydde Delicious
Psydde Delicious / Friggster
Fast Cheap Dancer:
Melissa Bang Bang
Fast Cheap Dancer: LuLu Lollipop
Fast Cheap Dancer: Stephanie
Fast Cheap Dancer: Kurtis

Fast Cheap Dancer: Katie Kill

Fast Cheap Dancer: Key
Behind the bar: Lori / Matt / Shakey
At the door:
Lights / Opening Set: Trans-Am

Fast Cheap and Out of Control | Fluid Nightclub | Philadelphia, PA |